Commercial Epoxy Coatings

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Top Quality Coating can create an extremely durable, easy to clean, great looking floor coating that will match your decor. The great thing is, we can be in and out of there in as little as 1 day because of the rapid cure time. We can create a dramatic, eye catching look or simply match the colors of your decor. We can add your logo to the floor as well! Let’s dream up something together.


  • Warrantied
    Top Quality Coatings provides a 20 year warranty for the Polyaspartic Flake Coating, 15 year warranty for the Solid Epoxy Coating, and a 10 year warranty for the Decorative Epoxy Coating. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If you have any issues with your flooring, give us a call so we can get it repaired for you.
  • Quick Installation
    We are in and out in as little as 1 day with no wait time for re-entry.
  • Resistant
    Tire Mark, Waterproof, UV, impact and chemical resistant guarding against yellowing or fading, abrasion, oil, gas, coolant and chemicals.
  • Anti-Slip
    Textured surface providing traction.
  • Clean
    A seamless flow of wall to wall beauty that won’t collect dirt, moisture or germs and is easy to upkeep with soap and water.

Professionally installed floor coating by Top Quality Coatings will transform your concrete into a great looking, sealed and easy to keep clean and much more durable surface for years to come.

Start Dreaming!

Below are the most popular choices of floor coating people go with but if you don't see what you're looking for, please give us a call. Start by choosing the type of coating you want and then seeing more options.



Polyaspartic Flake Floor

This is a commercial grade floor coating that you can have in your home garage! With superior impact and scratch resistance as well as UV protection, this durable floor coating will look awesome for years!

pigmented epoxy floor coating

Solid Epoxy Floor

Despite it's shiny appearance, this interior industrial grade floor coating has grit, making it anti-slip and very easy to clean. This is a great look for a more functional and budget friendly floor coating option.

decorative marbled epoxy floor coating

Metallic Epoxy Floor

This option allows us to get more creative with the floor coating, providing an artistic look such as metallic pigments with added glitter for extra appeal and sparkle. Let's dream up something beautiful!